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At Driessen Law Group, we represent individuals, families and employers in a wide range of immigration-related matters. To learn more about our services, please contact us at 949-234-7271.

·    Asylum:  We represent people seeking asylum in the United States, including those fleeing persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, sexual orientation, HIV status, gender, or membership in other groups.

     Appeals:  We handle appeals of all immigration-related matters.

·    Deportation Defense: When someone you care about faces deportation, our law firm provides a strong and creative deportation defense.

·    Delays in Processing: If you are experiencing delays in processing an immigration-related application or petition, you do have options. Talk with an attorney about strategies that may work for you.

·    Immigation cases impacted by crimes: Criminal allegations can have serious immigration implications; even a small crime may put you at risk of deportation. Do not take chances. Work with a lawyer who knows the cross-section between criminal law and immigration law.

·    Immigration Detention: If someone you love is in an immigration detention facility, talk to an attorney about their legal rights and ways to obtain release.

·    Family-based immigration:  We represent people seeking family-based immigration benefits of all types, from all around the world

·    Green card applications/waivers: If you are considering a "green card" for lawful permanent resident status, talk with our attorneys. We handle a wide array of green card applications, including those requiring waivers for fraud, criminal issues, HIV status, and/or unlawful presence in the United States.

·    Citizenship: We can handle all aspects of your citizenship cases, including presenting a flawless application and preparing you for the challenges of citizenship interviews.

New DACA: We can handle all aspects of the New DACA program.

Work Permits:  We represent clients seeking Work Permits in all aspects of the process.



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